When investigating HAI outbreaks, your decisions have significant consequences. Implementing disruptive precautionary measures without confirming clonality can be costly and unnecessary. But failing to deal with real outbreaks early can lead to patient safety concerns and financial penalties.

EpiXact®, our rapid turnaround, whole-genome sequencing service for HAI investigations, provides you with the data you need to make the right decisions in these high-stake situations.

Recently, a large academic medical center employed epiXact to help guide infection control measures associated with a MRSA outbreak in the NICU. Ultimately, epiXact provided the evidence to avoid costly healthcare worker screening involving over 200 staff members. Such a disruptive intervention would have caused a logistical nightmare, involving different departments, multiple shifts and union-negotiated work schedules.

EpiXact saved the hospital money, time, and unnecessary intervention.

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