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Mobilizing epiXact for Outbreak Investigations

epiXact Request Form - CLIA

epiXact CLIA Form

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Case Studies

B.cepacia outbreak

The Missing Link

EpiXact® links Burkholderia cepacia to contaminated ECMO water heaters

Case Study: Confidence to Make the Hard Decisions

Confidence to Make the Hard Decisions

EpiXact® Confirms a Transmission
in a Clinical Trial with Wide Ranging Implications

Case Study: To Screen or Not to Screen

To Screen or Not to Screen

Using epiXact® to Determine if Large Scale Healthcare Worker Screening for MRSA is Merited

Case Study: Mobilizing A Full Response

Mobilizing A Full Response

Determination of a Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumanni Outbreak in the Surgical ICU Using epiXact®


DZD CLIA Certificate of Registration

CLIA Certificate

Day Zero Diagnostics Clinical Laboratory License

Clinical Laboratory License